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The Facts About Debt

A step by step understanding of Debt and Debt Creation

Knowledge is the key to success. Instead of you paying all that debt off, we can help you actually eliminate, not consolidate, your debt.  Thinking about bankruptcy, then you must immediately investigate all the information on this site and find out how you can actually stop making all those payments that are actually creating stress and frustration in your life.  We don't care how you ended up in your current situation, but once you have gone through our programs, you will not allow yourself to be duped into being put back in this situation again.

You are 100% within the law. You are 100% within your rights...but it's not for the weak-kneed. Let me explain.

Debt = Slavery: The Borrower is a Slave to the Lender

You can't be free if you have debt. It's a biblical principle. It's quite simple.

Now, the following information will seem almost unreal. We have all spent our lives learning what we know about money, banking, government, etc. That's our whole life...and yet I'm expecting you to understand what you are about to discover in just a few minutes? I'm expecting you to believe me? No and No.

That's why you're probably going to have to do your own research of the facts that I'll lay out for you here. I'll provide links to the information - the legal information, the book, and more - because it took me all that research to overcome the false data that I've gotten about money, about banking, and about government over the past 35 years.

Years of college - in economics nonetheless - did not teach me the truth. Not a single professor I ever had could answer the question: How was the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 ever passed? It's unconstitutional according to Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 5, which gives Congress the power "to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin...".

Yet the Federal Reserve Banking System exists. Well, I finally know, after over a decade of looking and researching, and asking supposedly qualified people, including myself.

How it Works & a Bit of History

The government does not manufacture money. Yes, I know that sounds strange, but it's true. Here's how money is created in the U.S.

  • Congress says "we need money, so we approve the borrowing of $10 Billion."
  • They go down to the US Treasury Department, who doesn't have any money either because it's already been spent earlier in the year.
  • The treasury department says, hey, go over to the Fed.
  • So Congress goes over to the Fed, say's, "We need $10,000,000,000 and it's been approved."
  • The Fed man or woman says, "Okay, then, issue some treasury bills worth $10 Billion, give them to us and we'll loan you $10 Billion."
  • So the Fed writes the US Government a check for $10 Billion.
  • And the Fed authorizes about $1.5 Billion in new bills...
  • And the government deposits that $10,000,000,000 and can now spend $10 Billion to pay it's employees and such.
Now, where did the $10 Billion come from? Get ready for the answer because it's amazing: The answer is that the $10 Billion was created out of thin air. Nothing even backs our money any more.

Got it? Good. The money was created out of a debt obligation. The debt obligation now belongs to the people of the US. And over 99% of the money created in the US is created by debt obligation.

In other words, darn near all money is created out of debt obligation.

Banking and Money

Now, since there is not any real money, i.e. money backed by gold or silver, banks don't have any money to loan. And here's how it works out:

  • You go to the bank, thinking they can loan you some money, say $100,000.
  • The bank says, "Do you have any collateral worth over $100,000?"
  • You say, "Yes, the house itself."
  • They say, "Okay, let's monetize that collateral that you provided."
  • They then loan you $100,000 after you sign a piece of paper saying you'll pay it back with interest - a promissory note - a mortgage.
  • The money didn't exist until you signed the piece of paper.
  • You sign and *poof* the money is suddenly created out of thin air. You provided the signature on the promissory note and thereby funded the "loan" to yourself.
  • The bank now owns your home. And you get to live in it and pay the taxes on it. And pay back the money you created in the first place, with interest.
  • Deal closed.
That is a simplified version, but in essence, any bank auditor can prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that it was your promissory note that funded the loan. It has been proven over and over in various courts.

So the bank never really made a loan to you. You provided the value. The bank monetized it through your signature.


But this is not popular information to spread around and I'm sure you can see why.

How it Works...

We are working within the laws of the The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to eliminate this debt in different methods depending on your personal situation.  Take the time to make sure you understand the facts about the laws.  This will help you to be able to gain a confidence.  Because of these same laws, the only retaliation that a creditor has is to use the methods of developing fright to make you feel like you have no control over your situation.  The truth is that if you learn the knowledge, you will no longer be afraid, because you will now understand what you can and cannot do in a credit arena.

By law, you have the right to request a verification and validation of the debt. If the loan was not granted by a real person, like a corporation is not a real person, then they, essentially, can not verify and validate the debt. It's impossible.

So you make an offer to pay off your debt obligation, pending verification. Then, when the lending institution does not verify and validate the debt, you send a fault letter, giving them the opportunity to cure their fault. Then, when they don't do that, you send them a default notice and demand the reconveyance of the title to you.

Then, in all likelihood, you'll end up going to court if the debt was backed by collateral, such as a home.

If the debt is unsecure, then you just do the first three steps.

That is basically how it works.

The Real Secret

The real secret behind how it works is in the knowledge process. You are going to discover why it works and how it works.

So ask yourself, How much is it worth to completely eliminate all of your credit card debt? That's the one question that you should have answered for yourself before you call.

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